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Anamê Baby Design

Anamê is a Insitute of Research and Development. We design health products baby focused.

We believe that products can help to create a environment conducive to healthier development,  straighten the bonds between family and baby.


That's why, through human centered academic research, we design products for children well-being.  

Technologies to take care life

What we do

From Design Methodologies human centered we project baby's products and researching baby's development with scientific background in favor of child health. We work in multidisciplinary team according to specificity of each project.



We develop products to help child healthy development and to strengthen family bonds. We design and coordinate projects focused in new technologies, new materials and new processes. We have knowledge in some fields, as a shoes industry, IOT devices, orthopedics and bioengineering. We are in constant looking for partnerships to increase our knowledge area.



We research and develop strategics contenst baby's related. The papers are elaborate in partnership with recognized research institutions, experts and companies. Our goal is to share knowledge and enhancing the impact of research to improve the product and service development focused on first baby's thousand days (pregnancy and two first years of life).

What we do
Our work

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If you have a project that you would like to discuss, get in touch.

Ana Paula Lage

Ana Paula Lage

Anamê founder

Research and Product Development Director



Phone + 1 (734) 548-2140

WhatsApp + 55 (31) 98322-0440

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Phone +1 (734) 548-2140 | WhatsApp +55 (31) 98322-0440
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